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Ordered a trike today, due to the supplier not having any in it's going to take about a month for them to get one in. (Yes, trike, not bike. If it were a bike I wouldn't have had to order it... And I'd have approximately no chance of ever managing to successfully ride it, never could figure out how to peddle and keep my center of gravity sufficiently central for it them to stay upright)

More interestingly: Discovered a fun little free game called Spelunky. It's a platformer with a very oldschool feel to the gameplay, so low health, exploring an underground cave system, comparatively little vertical movement on the jump, lots of ladders, etc. The controls are reasonable, and the entirely destroyable environment is pretty sweet. Far more cool, however, is the fact the levels are generated randomly, not unlike those in Roguelikes such as Nethack, and there's a decent amount of interaction between various game elements (So, anything that moves can trigger arrow traps, for example). The inventory management the game presents is, to be honest, obscenely harsh, but that doesn't detract too much from a very fun game.

Though - If you do check it out, you probably should be warned - It definitely borrows the 'dying is fun' philosophy of the Roguelike genre along with the concept of random level generation. Which, while not actually a bad philosophy, in the right game, does pretty much go against what seems to be the predominant current philosophy of games design within the games industry.


Date: 2009-04-25 09:11 pm (UTC)
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Because I myself learnt really late to ride a bike, I don't think it's ever too late. The main hurdle is understanding the balance - best to have someone good at teaching to help you. Once you break that hurdle, it becomes surprisingly natural. But the balance is completely different to a trike - so much so that most people who are used to biking find a trike quite difficult to ride.


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