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2010-05-29 06:49 pm


I think the interesting thing I've noticed over the (thankfully) limited experience I have with dealing with death is how different it is every single time. Now that the clinical introspection is out of the way, the content:

With my Nana, so far the mourning has been in the form of introspective reflection punctuating a sort of grief-fueled creative productivity (...In the form of an GURPS campaign I set I'd organise some months back starting to materialize before my player's eyes)

...Until today. The grief fueled creative productivity still seems to be going strong (...Although more obviously grief fueled right now. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the result of that, but I sure as heck aren't just going to let it sit on my harddrive), but I went to see Beauty and the Beast with my mother. Why was I doing that six days after my nana's (on my mother's side) death and three days before her funeral? Well, my mother was going to take her there her to see it for her birthday, I had expressed interest but hadn't gotten round to getting the tickets, due to knowing the girl that's playing Belle in this production from childhood, and, well, my Nana would never have forgiven us if the tickets had gone to waste.

...It was... A powerful experience. A painful one, but a good sort of pain. The production was also good, and the girl playing Belle fantastic, but that's irrelevant to the power of the experience in this case.

I'm coping well, all in all, I think.
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2010-05-23 10:55 pm
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Tonight, about two hours ago, my nana died.

It was, apparently, peacefully in her sleep, after some months of deteriorated health.

She was in hospital at the time.

I might post more when I've had more time to actually fully process this.
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2010-05-10 09:03 pm

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Confuzzled was fun.

Going to go sleep now. I might even wake before midday tomorrow.
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2009-05-01 04:39 pm
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First trikeride

Yeah, so, picked up the trike yesterday, took it for a short twice round the block thing to start building my comfortableness with it. It went well, I think, more comfortable riding the first time than I expected. Was intending to post this yesterday but I got distracted by my annual intention of getting into an MU* (It's gone further than it's gone since the time in 2002 when I got halfway through writing an ap for one, but I'm not expecting it to come to anything)

Speaking of RP, I kinda screwed up on the World of Warcraft front, after the WoW site decided not to like my credit card details, and so... I'm going to be playing on the European servers afterall (since the verification codes are different for US and EU, I can't upgrade my account using my verification code) which is annoying since the guys I was going to be playing with are on a US server :/

(This post has not been spellchecked, we appologise for any mental injury caused to English majors by the inevitable ton of spelling errors within.)
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2009-04-28 05:53 pm

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The Trike's in the shop now, just need to drop by on Thursday afternoon to be measured for it, seat/handlebar adjustment etc.

...And... I've finally succumbed to the horrors of World of Warcraft, having dismissed it on account of really being nonplussed about the genre for ages. I'm not entirely sure how, either, but it involved conversation with some folk in #pokebattles (Comic, Chris, Deb, it's all your fault :o) and a very short brief trial.

...Unfortunately the WoW site doesn't like my credit card for some reason so I'm going via the 'actually purchase a box and do stuff via prepaid cards' route, for the time being at least, it seems.

Speaking of Pokebattles, red version is updating weekly now which indicates that the revival is going better than I expected it to, so yay or something.
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2009-04-21 11:07 pm
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The trike's looking early

The reason it was meant to take a month for the trike to arrive, was that apparently their supplier was out. They managed to source one from Essex, should be here at the weekend, which is great.
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2009-04-20 11:38 pm

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Every now and then I start reading up on procedural content generation. In my latest read up, I noticed a paper [PDF] from 2006 about a proposed method of generating levels for platform games... The thing I find interesting about it is that it's inspired by a paper on rhythmic analysis of African music. That sort of out-of-field inspiration appeals to me for some reason.

The new series of Ashes to Ashes started on BBC1 today, if the first episode is indicative of the quality of the rest, it looks like it will be far stronger than the first.

In other news, had a shot today, went as well as can be expected; though more painful than the one I had last month.
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2009-04-17 07:04 pm

Trikes, bikes, and virtual caves

Ordered a trike today, due to the supplier not having any in it's going to take about a month for them to get one in. (Yes, trike, not bike. If it were a bike I wouldn't have had to order it... And I'd have approximately no chance of ever managing to successfully ride it, never could figure out how to peddle and keep my center of gravity sufficiently central for it them to stay upright)

More interestingly: Discovered a fun little free game called Spelunky. It's a platformer with a very oldschool feel to the gameplay, so low health, exploring an underground cave system, comparatively little vertical movement on the jump, lots of ladders, etc. The controls are reasonable, and the entirely destroyable environment is pretty sweet. Far more cool, however, is the fact the levels are generated randomly, not unlike those in Roguelikes such as Nethack, and there's a decent amount of interaction between various game elements (So, anything that moves can trigger arrow traps, for example). The inventory management the game presents is, to be honest, obscenely harsh, but that doesn't detract too much from a very fun game.

Though - If you do check it out, you probably should be warned - It definitely borrows the 'dying is fun' philosophy of the Roguelike genre along with the concept of random level generation. Which, while not actually a bad philosophy, in the right game, does pretty much go against what seems to be the predominant current philosophy of games design within the games industry.
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2009-04-16 05:05 pm
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First post

It has to be said that it feels like a first post to this sort of thing should be a case of starting as one means to go on, and as such should be momentous, interesting, and in some way epic.

...Since that's never going to happen, however; I'll just have to settle for this.