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Stephen Miller ([personal profile] gizensha) wrote2009-04-28 05:53 pm

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The Trike's in the shop now, just need to drop by on Thursday afternoon to be measured for it, seat/handlebar adjustment etc.

...And... I've finally succumbed to the horrors of World of Warcraft, having dismissed it on account of really being nonplussed about the genre for ages. I'm not entirely sure how, either, but it involved conversation with some folk in #pokebattles (Comic, Chris, Deb, it's all your fault :o) and a very short brief trial.

...Unfortunately the WoW site doesn't like my credit card for some reason so I'm going via the 'actually purchase a box and do stuff via prepaid cards' route, for the time being at least, it seems.

Speaking of Pokebattles, red version is updating weekly now which indicates that the revival is going better than I expected it to, so yay or something.